Babylon Circus

A grand celebration is in order for Babylon Circus and their fans ! In a few weeks, they will mark a quarter of a century of making music together and touring around the globe. Originally from Lyon, the legendary ensemble have never loved anything more than travelling and performing on stage. For them, live shows are their greatest source of inspiration, as the festive atmosphere, as chaotic as it is poetic, unite artist and audience in cathartic euphoria. Unity is best developed and solidified with time. 25 years is a good age to enter adulthood, or as was wisely said, the age of maturity. Babylon’s sixth album « State of Emergency » ; is a dazzling assembly of all of their previous projects in one. It’s all there : from ska-reggae to that soaring balkan sound, amidst that electro-rock touch of modernity. Hints of those emblematic tunes from La Mano Negra to Négresses Vertes as well as Shaka Ponk, even Louis Attaque from the French side will be recognised… However that would be too simplistic, so obviously, influences of the brilliance by The Clash and Bob Marley are undoubtedly present. The mixing and melting of all these accents throughout the years is what keeps that unity strong within Babylon Circus.