Lo Jo

30 years of musical travel - To describe Lo'Jo's music, one would have to draw from both a dictionary of world rhythms and an encyclopaedia of universal harmonies. One would borrow adjectives such as colourful, shamanic, polyglot, epic, one would wander from savannah to desert, from river to ocean, from meadows to asphalt, there would be rays of sunshine and clouds of dust, scents of rain, smells of fire and flavours of spices, flonflons and youyous, fiestas and bivouacs. This angelic tribe has already been travelling around the world for thirty years with its heterogeneous and eclectic musical baggage. Not a group, rather a caravan, a collective of bourlingueurs-funambules-globe-trotters open to all experiences, all encounters. In a dozen albums, Lo'Jo's band, who came from punk, jazz and rock, has explored as many musical directions as there are continents. As Denis Péan, singer and lyricist, says, "our music is an anarchic garden that we try to cultivate to make it both beautiful and wild."