Jupiter & Okwess

NEW ALBUM "NA KOZONGA" TO BE RELEASED IN 2021 Recorded in Los Angeles by Mario Caldato (Beastie Boys) Na Kozonga: I’m going home. That’s Jupiter’s wish, and the title of his third album. Since the release of Hotel Univers and Kin Sonic, ‘the Rebel General’ and his band Okwess have been around the globe, making their sound heard in its four corners ¬– the rockiest sound ever to emerge from the Congo. That vast country, scandalously wealthy in geological and musical terms, possesses an inexhaustible reservoir of rhythms and sounds that Jupiter and Okwess draw from to generate energy for the feet, and nourishment (‘okwess’) for the soul. All under the energetic direction of a band leader whose elongated silhouette and allusive speech are enough to make the sculptures of Giacometti pallid with envy. Well, what do you know: this fantastic troupe have only one desire, to go back to the Congo. Because it’s in Kinshasa that Jupiter found his inspiration and experienced his moment of revelation when he was still young.